Secret Societies

Many noble individuals as well as low-lifes belong to mysterious societies and mystery cults.

The Explorer’s Society
-The first ’gentleman’s club’, the Explorer’s Society is a group dedicated to exploring the world and the past.

The Invisible College
A band of academics that still carry on the works of the early Aventine scholars, finding knowledge and protecting it against those that would harm it.

The Knights of the First Thorn
Adventurers dedicated to fixing wrongs that the law cannot.

Lex Aeternia
An ancient group of knights wiped out by a traitorous warlord.

Elite groups of killers from the Crescent Empire that seek supremacy by any means necessary.

Les Reliscaires
A group of free-thinkers that seek self-determination and independence from the Aventine church – by any means necessary.

Secret Societies

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