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Crick Fraydo

Human, Rogue

Rogue by sbreihan 1

His father was a Snakes-Oil salesman. He hates his father for it, being a man of science and all. However, his father taught him everything he knows and taking advantage of peoples’ ignorance is the best way to make gold pieces. Crick and his father constantly quarreled about their business. Crick wanted to end it early and start something more legitimate. His father would call him a coward and a disgrace. One unfortunate time a quarrel turned into a fight and that led to Crick stabbing his father. The guilt stayed with Crick until today.

He enters the Snake-Oil business to pay for his University, albeit an ill chosen University (Miploma Dill University). The education in Alchemy wasn’t sufficient and hopefully Nico will be able to educate him well since he is the best Alchemist he knows.

Crick has a dirty secret. He carries his dead father in a dufflebag wherever he goes. Once he has achieved his goal of a lab he will start research on how to get his father back. He doesn’t know how to link Alchemy with Necromancy. Hopefully, his new mentor, Nico, will be able to help him. He hasn’t told Nico or any of the party about reviving his father, or worse yet, his father was travelling with them.






Lost from the Feywild as a child, he was adopted and raised by humans in a village outside of St. Petersburg. Forever lonely, he learned to convince those of what he needed. At the age of 14 he left his village, for a city that had always been out of reach. He lived there, homeless, stealing to eat. After a week, a man attempted to kill him for stealing food from him, but Necral fled. He spent two nights hunting the man, found him, and killed him in his sleep. Avoiding authorities, he hid during the day. Two nights later, he kidnapped only to awake inside a well furnished dark building. The St. Petersburg wing of the Assassin’s Guild. Murderers on contract, functioning just below the visible level of society.

Necral was truly raised by the guild, a shell of a man he once was. After training and experience, Necral became confident, cunning, stealthy, and murderous. Necral often shows signs of compassion, unlike many in the guild. His mentor trained him only to kill for the right reasons. He always demands that he is payed half of his asking price before the kill, and half the price after the kill is confirmed. If Necral decides not to complete the contract, he always returns the money in a discreet way. Necral killed Maka, only to encounter her later. They grew to be friends, and she became a contact in Paris, serving as a direct source of information about many people in the city. He was contracted to Kill Nico Teladyne, but denied the contract, disagreeing with the Doje’s reasons for the murder. Necral wishes to change history, and the way the world works, and has found the only way to do this is by murder.
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