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New Rules

New Paragon Paths

New Rules for Resurrection

Death is not pretty, nor should it be common. And it definitely shouldn’t be easy to circumvent.

New Rituals

The casting time on these is corrected.

New Powers and Status Effects

A few new abilities to give players more versatility in combat.


Hesperia – the Land to the West

Europe and its environs.

The Planes

Information on the generally ill-defined cosmology of the planet.

The Aventine Church

Arguably the most powerful and wide-reaching force in Hesperia.


Here’s what languages you speak. I guess.

Secret Societies

Every society has its secrets.


Every society has its places.

Elsir Vale

The Vale and its inhabitants.

Character Concepts

No ideas? No problem!

*A Castillan Knight on a traditional quest
*A fighter-mage looking to perfect every art
*A Venezzian noble looking for a new business opportunity
*A Paduan Architect with an aversion to walking so great her or she took up teleportation
*A dwarf
*A Sidhe Prince or Princess of one of the four Fey Courts – Summer, Autumn, Winter, or Spring
*A Miquelon Musketeer in service to the middle-class
*A questing knight of Avalon searching for a holy relic
*A furtive wife of a Vodacce nobleman, secreting as an adventurer while her husband is away
*A dead guy in jail
*Sylvanian sorceror or sorceress in service to a dark power
*Princess with a taste for adventure
*Cathay swordsman who left his homeland in search of worthy opponents
*Cavalier who went on a crusade and never came back
*Scholar of the Julian Empire searching for relics of a lost, glorious age
*Questing pilgrim of the Aventine Church
*A Berber who loves the Spanish
*Aventine scholar on the run with apocryphal documents
*Bastard son and heir to a throne in Eisen
*Changeling stolen at birth by the fey
*Anything but a nun
*Wandering harlequin making a living by entertaining
*Caravan guard with everything to prove and nothing to lose
*Highwayman with everything to prove and nothing to lose
*The Tick


Main Page

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