The Musket - Level 5 item

The Musket can be reloaded much faster then hand cannon or Arbuques.

weapon (ranged)

Level 5: 1.000 gp; Level 15: 25,000 gp; Level 21: 625,000 gp
Item Slot: Weapon (Two-Handed)
Property: If you spend a standard action reloading this weapon, you can recharge its encounter power.
Power (Encounter – Firearm): Standard Action.
Range 20/40.

Attack: Dexterity +1 vs Reflex. Hit: 2d6 + Dex damage.

Level 11: Dexterity +3 vs Reflex. Damage 2d8 + Dex
Level 21: Dexterity +5 vs Reflex. Damage 2d10 + Dex

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A musket is a muzzle-loaded, smooth bore long gun, fired from the shoulder. Muskets were designed for use by infantry. A soldier armed with a musket had the designation musketman or musketeer.
The musket replaced the arquebus, and was in turn replaced by the rifle. The term “musket” is applied to a variety of weapons, including the long, heavy guns with matchlock or wheel lock and loose powder fired with the gun barrel resting on a stand, and also lighter weapons with Snaphance, flintlock or caplock and bullets using a stabilizing spin (MiniĆ© ball), affixed with a bayonet.

The Musket - Level 5 item

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