Redder Hander of Doomer (2nd RHOD Campaign)

Siege Prices

Everyone got… 10,000 pieces for shiggles? Here’s some items you can spend it on.

remember, you MUST justify the 10,000 to the town and council. No rolls or roleplaying may change this purse; you can only spend it on items for the town. That’s a lot of leeway – about the only thing you can’t spend it on is personal items.

ItemCostDamageCriticalRange IncrementTypical Crew
1. See description for special rules.

Catapult, heavy800 gp6d6—200 ft. (100 ft. minimum)4Catapult, light550 gp4d6—150 ft. (100 ft. minimum)2Ballista500 gp3d819-20120 ft.1Ram1,000 gp3d81——10Siege tower2,000 gp———20Catapult Attack Modifiers

Make walls:

1 Unit of Wall – takes – 1 day – 100 GP
Trench + Stakes – 100 GP per unit
Magical Wall – 1000 GP per unit (ice)
Tower – 4000 GP per tower
Boiling Oil – 100 GP per tower
Siege Tower – 1000 GP

Spell-Turret – 2,500 GP for lightning or fire

Golem -

1 unit of

stone golem – 50,000
iron golem – 80,000
shield guardian 65,000
homonculus – 1,000 GP


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