Redder Hander of Doomer (2nd RHOD Campaign)

Nico - Found my box

I have been looking everywhere for my twitter-box. Finally found it on the Scimitar of all places! It seems someone was tinkering with it, because now I swear I can see images in the mirror! They are difficult to make out, but I am fascinated with this development. I have considered asking Petruzzo what he thinks of this trinket, but I must caution myself with my enthusiasm in approaching him. It is highly likely that he may betray us in the future, especially given the ignoble impression we gave him, but I find it hard to believe a fellow man of magical science could truly support such madness as the Horde and the Doge seem intent on unleashing upon the world. Also, his clothes are much nicer than mine and he may be my ticket back into the good graces of modern society as a whole. Aventius, I miss the food.

Hopefully our rough encounter with the spell-turrets of his invention have not shaken him too badly. Now that we have landed in Brindol, I plan to hit the local alchemy guild’s and libraries to catch up on my studies a bit before the hoard lays siege to the town. Our team’s new addition is rather the creepy fellow but seems to have a genuine interest in keeping us alive. Good enough for me.

With any luck I may be able to devise a way to counter the Hoard’s spell turrets. Perhaps our family’s research into lightning weapons may be useful yet…


JetWong ErrantSniper

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