Redder Hander of Doomer (2nd RHOD Campaign)

Fraydo Log -- The calm before the storm

Dear Log,

I’ve just escaped from hell.

The stupid prince led us to the wrong entrance. The team spent hours in hell going deeper and deeper. Getting roughed up by ghosts and such. We eventually found a portal out. Nico found a mech which he piloted flawlessly. He fought an adversary of sorts.

Quickly after we defeated Nico’s friend we were confronted by Bahamut. Well, a representation of Bahamut. And we saw Tiamat flee. Bahamut suggested that we have some sort of connection to Tiamat; or Tiamat is within us. His leaps were sealed from explaining how. He said he would explain it to us if he killed us and we talked in his own plane. He really really wanted to kill us so that he could break this connection to Tiamat. We refused and battled Bahamut, we killed the dragon that represented him.

* * *

Dear Log,

I had my first fight with Abelia today. I don’t get why she is so irritated with me. I don’t know how to be a father. The only fathering I’ve seen is by my own father. She reminds me of myself. I hated my father and I never knew why.

I don’t think hating one’s own kin is reason enough to kill him. Which is why I regret killing him, but I will revive him. He will be revived into a vampire which, from what I hear, is a curse. Don’t get me wrong, I still hate him. Him being alive and cursed will clear my regrets and satisfy my hatred at the same time.

Tomorrow I will begin the ritual. Nico has agreed to help me. He’s a bit too cautious, I will say. He wants to setup a LOT of safety measures before we start. As long as he’s helping, I don’t mind. Wish me luck, Log.


JetWong AquaFox

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