Redder Hander of Doomer (2nd RHOD Campaign)

Fraydo Log -- Brindol

Dear Log,

It’s December 23rd and we’re finally done with the Lich. She said she’ll retreat her troops if we give her the phylactery. We gave it to her and she gave us a Wyrmlord. Fingers crossed, I hope she retreats her troops.

After leaving the Lich we met with Persephone. She abruptly changed paths to find an airship she knew was in the area. I’m not complaining or anything, I would love my own airship. I am still cagey around her since I don’t know how to handle sporadic people.. er.. robot snakes.

We searched the ship and found the previous crew’s dead bodies. Meh, they make great engine fuel. I didn’t care too much.

We saw Adriene again. He waved at us from below. What an overconfident Goblin! I was really eager to pull a prank on him until I found out he had Arfur. We exchanged the Wyrmlord for Arfur(Arfur was still with the Horde far away).

When we arrived at Cuddlesworth Keep there were THREE ARFURS. We were confronted with a puzzle which we quickly solved. We, The War in Skyrim, are quick witted.


Oh GOD. Wyverns. Sorry Log, too tired to write.


Dear Log,

We arrived at Brindol. The War in Skyrim disbanded to do their own thing. I asked around at the local University about al-Qasim. The Professor said his ‘darker’ books are with Lady Fairfax. I met with Fairfax and she interrupted my asking for the books with an offer about Lea. She would rid me of Lea’s curse if I rid Jasper Hobs of his power. That is to—kill him. Necral was kind enough to help me with this for free. I don’t know why it’s for free but I hope it won’t stab me in the back—figuratively and literally.


JetWong AquaFox

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