Redder Hander of Doomer (2nd RHOD Campaign)

Fraydo Log -- Beginnings of a War

Dear Log,

I have a child.

She is the little girl we encountered a while back while still with the Eladrin. They beat her up and banished her to Brindol. She was attacking the boat we used to take down the defense grid. She was depressed. The Eladrin were looking for who stole the body of my imaginary ‘employer’ and quickly assumed she desecrated and rid off the body. I never knew the Eladrin were so set-back with their cultural mentality that they won’t be skeptical of a girl doing such a thing.

It was my fault. If I hadn’t made up the story about the employer, the backwards Eladrin wouldn’t religiously look for his body and encounter the depressed Abelia.

Yes, her name’s Abelia. It’s a nice name. I took it upon myself to adopt her until she finds her mother. It’s the least I could do for her. I’ve never had a child before. Parenting to me is a lot of disapproval, scolding and caning. I will not become my father.. At least I won’t try to. History could repeat itself.

We visited an old lady that looked like the fortune teller I met before arriving at Brindol. I found out she was the fortune teller’s great granddaughter. Finding ghosts of her grandmother is not uncommon in her bloodline. Strange. She did give us more information on the incomplete Tarot deck that we have.

She also revealed to me that Jasper Hobs is not in town. Peculiar, it is, to leave town right before a predicted attack. Did he jump the boat? Regardless, this is going to setback Necral and I in assassinating him.

We set up for the attack on Brindol. Baron proved worthy at tactical defense. One important thing of note is Baron’s plan to hire a thousand (unsure about the number, Log) citizens to guard the tunnels. Once we leave Brindol, Baron would ask an already placed Druid Circle to sacrifice them to aid our war.

I didn’t have a problem with this. I actually do have a problem with me not having a problem with this. Lately I haven’t thought too much about the consequences and the morality of what I’m about to do: Reviving my father and turning him into a vampire; Assassinating Jasper Hobs; And letting Baron sacrifice a thousand men. The ends justify the means I guess.

I forgot to mention that I found out the ritual revives people into vampires. Is that a curse? Does my father want this? I still hate the man and I still feel guilty for killing him. So reviving him will eliminate the guilt and some hate will channel by giving him a curse. Maybe I have a broken moral balance.

* * *

Dear Log,

Necral wanted to destroy the Pope before he destroyed the Eladrin. We destroyed the Pope. That was exhilarating.


I’m afraid I entered tl;dr territory.

Fraydo Log -- Beginnings of a War
JetWong AquaFox

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